Communication for Carriers, Consultants & VARs (Volume 8 Issue 11)

By Mark Stackpoole | December 2, 2020

Welcome to this edition of GTS DIRECTIONS, the monthly newsletter with updates and information for our family of
over 200 VARs and referral partners, key carrier partners, and dedicated team of in-house solution consultants. This
month’s edition includes information on …

• Giving Thanks — #GTSGIVING
• Provider Spotlight — Trumpia
• GTS Recaps — November/December
• Solution Showcase — Ransomware Attack

Giving Thanks — #GTSGIVING

2020: what a year. The amount of stress, grief, pain, and fear in our community may be at an all-time high. We cannot
underestimate how fortunate GTS has been in 2020. We had a record breaking year for revenue growth. We added
nearly 50 percent to our head count, going from 13 to 19 full time employees in 2020. As we have said time and time
again, for us it really is all about giving back. In December, GTS will participate in the Adopt a Family program through
the Michigan Chapter of Volunteers of America to try and help a family in need have their best Christmas holiday season
ever. And starting in the last week of November all the way through January, we will randomly select an employee name
and will donate $500 per week to the charity of the respective name chosen. This allows our staff to have a direct voice
in the organizations that GTS tries to support this winter.
Lastly, we wanted to make sure we made an impact for Thanksgiving as well. To kick off our #GTSGIVING campaign
season, GTS is assisting two of our favorite Michigan charities. We are sending $2500 each this week to Gleaners Food
Bank of Michigan, as well as Forgotten Harvest. Thanks to all of our wonderful staff as well as our sales partners for
putting us in a position to help out. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your families.

Provider Spotlight — Trumpia

Text messaging has become a massive form of communication for businesses of all sizes. Now more than ever, use cases
are requiring quick and efficient communication to staff and clients. In many instances, we are able to bundle a SMS or
MMS solution into a UCaaS solution as clients look for a robust unified communications solution. That being said, we
have had many partners ask for standalone solutions. Perhaps they run into a client with a large Twilio bill, or perhaps
they are still under a voice contract and cannot jump to UCaaS yet. For those reasons and many more, we are happy to
introduce Trumpia to our partner community. Please call GTS to get set up for either a group GTS partner training, or a
dedicated introduction to our GTS channel manager. Ask your clients how they plan on using text messaging to their
advantage to communicate better in 2021!

Product Overview: Trumpia

Text messages have revolutionized how we communicate, quickly becoming our go-to channel for daily use.
Trumpia helps you tap into this power for your business, giving you a variety of end user tools like landline
texting, omni-channel messaging, keywords, and auto reminders to effectively reach your audience. But
our software goes further than common mass texting solutions with automation that helps you boost
engagement, improve customer satisfaction, and increase revenue.

Lifecycle Engagement
Trumpia’s unique Lifecycle Engagement helps
you automatically engage your subscribers
throughout every interaction they have with
your company, from initial sign up through to
customer service and beyond.
Smart Targeting
People don’t tolerate irrelevant text messages.
Trumpia automates the processes of both
learning about each subscriber and using that
data to tailor each message to their interests, all
Set our software on autopilot, so it carries out
tasks for you. Our intelligent Text Bot can even
engage in interactive conversations with your
subscribers without needing you to intervene
manually or ever write a line of code.
Landline Texting
Use your business’s landline number to send
and receive text messages. Now you can make
phone tag and buried emails things of the past
without having to disclose your personal mobile
Omni-Channel Messaging
Send messages via SMS, MMS, email, and voice,
all from a single integrated platform. Cater to
your subscribers’ communication preferences
and ensure that you reach 100% of your
Enterprise Features
Trumpia’s system is built to scale from tech
startups to Fortune 500s. Customize individual
dashboards to control which contacts and
features each user can access. Plus our
powerful reporting allows you to track your
Powerful Integration
Integrate Trumpia’s messaging capabilities into
your existing systems via API or Zapier, or hire
our custom development team to do it for you.
Success Through Service
Our consultants help you grow from your initial
use case to a comprehensive automated
strategy – from lead generation to conversion
to feedback. We also offer an unmatched 365-
day technical support with a 9-minute average
response time.


GTS Recaps — November/December

Thanks to so many partners for recently getting involved and partaking in GTS virtual events. During November, GTS
hosted two excellent, action packed lunch webinars. To help partners learn about our top “Cloud Wingman,” roughly 20
partners hopped on the line to learn more about Pax8. Products such as Microsoft, Proofpoint, Ironscales, and IBM MaaS
360 are all being quoted by GTS sales partners. Call GTS for more info and to meet our channel manager! Pax8 provided
set of AirPod PRO earbuds ($250 value), and GTS kicked in with a $100 gift card. Next, another group of partners packed
a call to chat and learn more about cyber security with Threat Protector. Agents learned about key solutions offered, how
to partner with Threat Protector to enable targeted marketing campaigns with huge success, and the awesome upgrades
and incentives they’ve built into the Partner Program for 2021. A $250 gift card as well as a $100 gift card from GTS were
again given away to participants on the call. Thanks for joining!
In December, GTS has several fun events planned. Vonage is treating GTS, as well as a top producing sales partner, to
an exclusive bourbon tasting event. In addition, Nextiva is sponsoring a VIP happy hour with a national Mixologist
for prospective clients. Participants will be shipped a goodie bag, and then learn the “fun way” on how to create two
scrumptious holiday cocktails. Cheers!
In January, look for a “All Partner” Sales Call where we take 1 hour and provide our partners with a Q1 outlook of what’s
hot, what’s not, and how to best position solutions to stuff the sales funnel for 2021. Also, watch for another fun happy
hour, where we bring in several PGA golf coaches to provide some basic tips and easy “at home” drills, as well as some
fun stories about courses and PGA players. We may not be able to golf in the Midwest in January, but we can certainly
daydream about it!
Solution Showcase — Ransomware Attack
When is the last time you watched technology news and didn’t hear about a cyber security attack? It won’t happen.
When is the last time you read a CIO Survey and didn’t see Ransomware or cyber attack as one of their top fears for 2021?
Every time. What solution do you have to offer your clients that can protect them 100 percent of the time? If you don’t
know the answer — it’s Cybersafe. GTS Sales Partners: cyber security is not only the fastest growing sector of our channel;
it can also be the most lucrative. Midsize and enterprise business are spending billions in 2021. Yes, that means your
clients will buy from someone else if you don’t get there first. So make your New Year’s resolution a good one this year —
call GTS to learn more about cyber security, and start with Cybersafe.
Ransomware Hits a Multimillion-Dollar Manufacturing Company
A major manufacturing company with multiple offices across the country was hit by ransomware. The company reached out to Cybersafe,
which helped it resume business operations.

On a late Wednesday night, a multimillion-dollar manufacturing
company came to a complete halt due to a criminal cyber-attack.
Threat actors had infiltrated workstations and servers across their
15 facilities and global offices leaving the company’s infrastructure
frozen and encrypted by ransomware. Their day-to-day operations were paralyzed as
the ransomware locked critical inventory and order taking systems . While the company’s
network was frozen, employees sat idle in the warehouse with no way to do their work.


Cybersafe’s Incident Response team was brought in to help the
company recover from the attack. The team moved quickly to
create visibility by deploying endpoint detection and response
agents as well as a SIEM to remove the threat actors from the

Upon inspection of the encrypted endpoints, It determined the
company was dealing with a RYUK ransomware infection deployed
via malware known as TrickBot. Ransomware is often the last
stage in an attack, coming after other malware and tools have been
used to infiltrate and establish persistence in an environment.
Cybersafe was able to identify and clean hosts across their network
so that restoration could proceed without interruption. Ultimately,
clean-up and restoration required 14 days before operations could
Upon completion of the incident response investigation, the Cybersafe IR team was able
to identify numerous opportunities to have detected the threat actors before the encryption
occurred. Cybersafe’s forensic investigation revealed that access was achieved via a
targeted phishing email campaign using a malicious document hosted at
com. Since legitimate files are hosted at such access was permitted
and trusted by their spam filters. Once opened, the document executed scripts to
disable Anti-Virus protection mechanisms and beaconed home to a Russian based command
and control (C&C) server. Through the C&C, the attackers used local vulnerabilities to deploy
malware, escalate privileges and move laterally within the environment using the Windows
administrative utility PowerShell. We also determined that the attackers exfiltrated
approximately 500 Gigabytes of sensitive data. Cybersafe determined that the attackers spent
approximately 72 hours in their environment before moving to encrypt systems.
The company suffered millions of dollars in lost revenue by being unable to manufacture
for two weeks and the full restoration of workstations and servers will take months and
cost millions more in lost productivity and labor costs.
The manufacturing company has now engaged with Cybersafe Solutions SOC-as-a-Service
offering. With 24/7/365 Security Operations Center which provides real time detection,
response, and containment capabilities, the company is now con ident they will have best
in class detection capabilities to quickly identify and eradicate future cyber threats