Directions Communication for Carriers, Consultants & VARs (Volume 7 Issue 3)

By Mark Stackpoole | May 10, 2019


March 2019 // Volume 7 // Issue 3

Welcome to this edition of GTS DIRECTIONS, the monthly newsletter with updates and information for our family of over 100 VARs and referral partners, key carrier partners, and dedicated team of in-house solution consultants. This month’s edition includes information on …

  • April Event — Save the Date!
  • GTS Updates — New Website and Marketing Materials
  • Solution Spotlight — 10 Quick Hitters and Solution Providers you should have in your Talk Track TODAY!
  • Provider Spotlight — Learn More, Win More with 8×8

April Event — Save the Date!

Join GTS, Vonage Business, and The Mako Group for a Sunrise Solutions Selling Seminar! We will be talking SaaS with Vonage Business, and learning how their UC platform is a potent, power-packed solution loaded with integrations and service offerings wrapping around SaaS. In addition, we will spend some time talking CyberSecurity with the Mako Group, a cybersecurity audit, advisory, and risk management firm based in the Midwest. We will have a breakfast buffet, a ton of exclusive content for our GTS sales partners, and we’ll still have you out the door to conquer your day at 10 a.m.!

Who: All GTS Sales Partners
Where: GTS Office // 1501 6th Street, Detroit, MI 48226 // (313) 371-9440
When: Tuesday, April 16th 8-10 a.m. (Breakfast at 8 a.m. // Presentations from 8:30-9:45 a.m)

GTS Updates — New Website and Marketing Materials

As the industry transforms, GTS transforms with it! Earlier this year, we designed new and improved marketing collateral for 2019, with short fliers, a long-form flier, and
a brand new product guide. We’re also working on something very exciting: our brand new website! We’re revamping it entirely, trying to capture our core values and provide a better depiction of how we see GTS fit into the transformational landscape of telecom and cloud offerings.

Contact your channel manager to receive electronic copies, or to have hard copies mailed out to your office. Watch for the new website to drop in early April!

Solution Spotlight
10 Quick Hitters and Solution Providers you should have in your Talk Track TODAY!

Are you staying optimistic and thinking “spring” in your neck of the woods? Here are some quick highlights, talk tracks, and providers to think about in addition to the sunshine we are all hoping for:

  • Are you talking SaaS with your clients? Have you asked if they are using O365?
    Providers to consider: CloudRoute, Century Link, TPx, Evolve IP
  • Has your organization caught up with cybersecurity? Why not start by meeting with some experts?
    Providers to consider: AlienVault, DDI, Verizon, TPx, Telesystem, Massive IT, Mako
  • Are you using next gen collaboration tools to make your sales organization excel?
    Providers to consider: PGi, ZOOM, Vonage Business, 8×8, Nextiva, Mitel
  • Are you confident you understand SD-WAN? Do you know how it could fit into your WAN?
    Providers to consider: CloudGenix, TPx, Bigleaf, Cato, Comcast, Aryaka, Masergy
  • Does your business know how IoT could help transform both your products and sales force?
    Providers to consider: MetTel, AT&T, Verizon, Metro Wireless, Viasat
  • Have you considered that there is a more cost-effective way to manage a contact center?
    Providers to consider: Zailab, 8×8, Masergy, Fusion, Vonage Business, RingCentral
  • UcaaS is exploding and helping reshape corporate communications. Have you seen a demo?
    Providers to consider: Call Harbor, Nextiva, Vonage, 8×8, Nexvortex, Masergy
  • To achieve true redundancy, we need last mile diversity. Are you sure you are truly redundant?
    Providers to consider: 123.NET, Everstream, IFN, Telesystem, TPx, Crown Castle, WOW!
  • Many customers need a direct connect to AWS, Azure, or Google. Have you discussed cloud strategy?
    Providers to consider: 123.NET, Century Link, Evolve IP, Cyxtera, US Signal, Rapidscale, Tierpoint
  • I have been asleep under a rock for 3 years! What providers are unique to GTS that I need to know about right now?
    Providers to consider: Call Harbor, Rocket Fiber, IFN, WOW!, TPx, 123, Telnet, Metro Wireless

Provider Spotlight — Learn More, Win More with 8×8

A longtime service provider for SIP and UCaaS, 8×8 has recently made some organizational changes to better enhance their service portfolio, as well as significantly ramp up support and project management for GTS Sales Partners. Please be sure to reach out to your GTS channel manager for more info on products, support, and deal registration with 8×8. Here are a few things to consider when thinking about 8×8 (see following pages):

The experience is everything

Although the majority of businesses believe customer experience is key to their success, very few have a communications infrastructure that enables best-in-class customer interactions. Many enterprises today have on-premise, siloed point solutions for phone, video meetings, collaboration, and contact center. 8×8 changes this paradigm with X Series.

X Series transforms the customer experience by enabling customers and employees to interact in one system of engagement. Enterprises can now optimize valuable moments of engagement with one set of data in one system of intelligence. The results are faster time to resolution at a lower cost and a better experience for customers and employees.

The 3rd Wave of enterprise communications brings the power we have as consumers to the business creating one system of engagement and in turn, one system of intelligence. With a single cloud engagement solution, you can now arm employees with the tools they need to communicate, collaborate and access the organization’s most valuable data and experts in one intelligent, easy to manage solution. One engagement platform allows you to move at the speed of employee and customer expectations, leading to less churn and more revenue.

For more information, call 1.866.879.8647 or visit 8×

8×8 X Series

It’s all about the X

X is a series of plans that have increasingly powerful engagement capabilities. Each X in the series builds on the previous plan. X2 and X4 deliver a superior employee experience. This single solution for voice, chat, video, meeting, and content sharing across a unified mobile experience enables your team to collaborate from anywhere on any device. Our mobile and desktop applications integrate with your CRM and other systems of record, allowing employees to have context-rich communication anytime, anywhere. X6 and X8 deliver improved employee experience and deep customer engagement. By providing complete context and easy access to subject matter experts, customer service and sales teams are able to increase the speed to resolution and accelerate revenue. What sets us apart is our ability to provide real-time insights into the voice of the customer and your business through advanced analytics including our patented speech analytics, graphical interaction flows, granular interaction search and usage reports.

“Delivering an exceptional customer experience is the difference between thriving and failing for a business like ours. 8×8’s X Series is the foundation Lenox needs, leveraging real-time customer data, an integrated set of communications tools and providing access to the right subject matter experts to transform our employee and customer experiences.”

—Ravi Kurumety, CIO Lenox Corporation

Contact sales manager Bob Chernock @ 313-371-9440 or e-mail [email protected] to let us know what additional information you would like to see communicated in future editions of DIRECTIONS.