Directions Communication for Carriers, Consultants & VARs (Volume 8 Issue 3)

By Mark Stackpoole | March 27, 2020

Welcome to this edition of GTS DIRECTIONS, the monthly newsletter with updates and information for our family of
over 200 VARs and referral partners, key carrier partners, and dedicated team of in-house solution consultants. This
month’s edition includes information on …
• Hometown Heroes / Corktown Cares
• Open House Updates — Fast Sponsors and a Fast Thank You!
• Product Spotlight — Remote Workspace Offers. What’s Next?
• Carrier Spotlight — Ring Central: Integrations for the WIN!
• August — PAC Council Meeting


Hometown Heroes / Corktown Cares

It’s hard to turn on the news, or pick up a
phone, and not be reminded of the pandemic
that has paralyzed the world. Very rarely does
something so monumental happen that it
engulfs and consumes us in such a way. We are
living through history. From all of us at GTS,
we wish you safety, health, and hope. Also,
please keep our collective friends, family, and
peers that are in the medical community in
the forefront of your thoughts and prayers.
The stress that this virus is triggering, both
figuratively and literally, is overwhelming. GTS
salutes and thanks all of those that are working
so hard to help to protect the rest of us. Take a
deep breath. Brighter days are ahead.
In our home city of Detroit, we immediately saw some of the harsh realities that are a by-product of the COVID-19 virus.
Over the last ten days, we have seen a high number of businesses close their doors. Some required by the state, others
to try and mitigate losses with the lack of activity or business available in their respective fields. GTS cannot stress it
enough at this time: THINK LOCAL. Buy a few gift cards. Make a few charitable donations, if possible. We have made a
series of purchases and donations to try and help out our neighbors in the Corktown community, and will continue to
try and help as much as possible until we come out the other side of these trying times. Hang in there, gang!

Contact sales manager Bob Chernock @ 313-371-9440 or e-mail [email protected] to let us know
what additional information you would like to see communicated in future editions of DIRECTIONS.


Open House Updates — Fast Sponsors and a Fast Thank You!

Over the past two weeks, GTS has sent out messaging to our carrier/service provider community to start dialogue on sponsorship and support for our biggest event of the year: Our 6th Annual Open House, planned for late July.

In light of all that is going on in the world, we wanted to take a moment and give a sincere THANK YOU to so many
carriers and marketing teams that quickly responded with questions, concerns, and confirmations. In fact, we would
be remiss not to mention a few companies that have overwhelmed us with support and rapid response. 8×8 and
AT&T were proactively already asking for Platinum sponsorships. We are honored to have companies of such caliber
to headline this year’s event. In addition, Call Harbor and Nextiva are already booked as GOLD Partners, with Verizon
and Virtual Systems looking to come on board. Lastly, two other companies that deserve mention for locking up Silver
sponsorships literally within minutes: Masergy and Telesystem. We thank you all, and we cannot wait to (hopefully)
host an epic event for all to enjoy in late July.


Product Spotlight — Remote Workspace Offers. What’s Next?

With all that has transpired in the past two weeks, many of our carrier partners
did a tremendous job in providing information, resources, and even training
to help our respective clients and their critical business needs as many
transitioned to a work-from-home model. Please feel free to reach out
to GTS for any/all information that you or your clients need at this time.
Specifically, many companies have provided offers of FREE (yes, really free!)
conferencing, collaboration, and enhanced services. Last week, GTS provided
an 8×8 conferencing link to someone and they were able to stand up and host
a call within an hour. Ring Central has a robust free offer specifically intended to
support schools facing closure, healthcare providers, and non-profits supporting
the fight against COVID-19. Lastly, Vonage has an extremely easy-to-use free video offer.

Click here: to check it out.

So, that begs the question: what next? As companies adjust to the “new normal” of managing a remote workplace
for the foreseeable future, a whole new wave of security challenges just popped up. At this exact moment in time,
most companies have solved the problem of getting laptops, VPN’s, and phone calls to ring as needed. But they
are scratching their head when it comes to figuring out where the new “blind spots” are. GTS can help. Whether it is
corporate endpoint detection, vulnerability scanning, network-based firewalls, adding/enhancing voice quality for
companies trying to operate on MS Teams, etc…we have the ability to sell and deploy the solutions your clients are
looking for RIGHT NOW. Call GTS, and let’s consult and win together!


Carrier Spotlight — Ring Central: Integrations for the WIN!

Sure, a company may simply say, “Just get us out of this dinosaur PBX!” They are looking to move to the cloud, shed the premise PBX, and the maintenance costs that likely accompany the upkeep of their current telephony platform. However, a smart advisor would also ask them a few questions before they jump at the first quote they see. What CRM platforms are they using? What platforms are their key customers using? What applications will they rely on with a mobile (or remote) workforce? The ability to integrate with applications, software, and CRM platforms is an absolutely critical component to inking large UCaaS deals. Look no further than this illustration from our friends at Ring Central. The following page will explain why many UCaaS providers are investing so much money, time, and effort to build easy integrations on their UCaaS platform:

August — PAC Council Meeting

GTS is excited to announce our 1st ever PAC Summit. This will be a destination meeting, hosted in Northern Michigan
in the stunning Harbor Springs/Petoskey area in early/mid-August. Please watch for exciting details in the coming
weeks for more info on this event. While sales are definitely a factor in the equation, invitations will not be “sales only.”
With our Peer Advisory Council, GTS wants to make sure we select and send invitations to individuals that are not only
selling partners of GTS, but also thought leaders, subject matter experts, influencers and/or team-oriented peers that
may benefit (and thrive) being surrounded by successful, like-minded folks for several days. Of course, we will also
leave plenty of time for fun in the sun and some time to check out the scenery. But, we are already planning exclusive
content and hand-selecting vendors and service providers that we think can truly enhance our PAC. Stay tuned, we
are excited to share details in the near future!