Directions Communication for Carriers, Consultants & VARs (Volume 8 Issue 4)

By Mark Stackpoole | April 29, 2020

Welcome to this edition of GTS DIRECTIONS, the monthly newsletter with updates and information for our family of
over 200 VARs and referral partners, key carrier partners, and dedicated team of in-house solution consultants. This
month’s edition includes information on …
• Cinco De Mayo — Metro Wireless Fiesta Hour
• News Bulletin — GTS is AT&T FirstNet Certified!
• Carrier Updates and Spiff News
• Product Showcase — Managed Mobility


Cinco De Mayo — Metro Wireless Fiesta Hour

Who: All GTS sales partners

When: Tuesday May 5th, 12 – 1 p.m.

Where: Online Video Conference. Email GTS to register
today and a calendar invite/link will be sent to all participants.

What: Presentation from Metro Wireless on all of the latest and
greatest technologies and solutions available in their service portfolio.

Why: Because you need to inject some fun into your Cinco De Mayo! Grab some lunch (we recommend tacos), snacks,
or a beverage and join online. All partners in attendance can request a free, co-branded solutions guide “wrapped” with
your company logo for personal branding. In addition, there will be gift card and prize giveaways!


News Bulletin — GTS is AT&T FirstNet Certified!

Team! This is exciting. GTS is the first certified Master Solution Provider
in the country for AT&T. This means that our partners are able to offer one
of the most unique, exclusive products available in the telecommunications
industry. When speaking with the proper target audience, this product
literally almost “sells itself” due to the imminent need all first responders
and affiliated agencies have in relation to this solution offering. Contact
GTS for more information TODAY. GTS can email you the COVID-19
FirstNet Response Playbook and/or an informational YouTube video to help
explain what it is and who is buying it. In addition, the following page has a
bit of information to get you started.

The FirstNet mission is to deploy, operate, maintain, and improve the first high-speed, nationwide wireless
broadband network dedicated to public safety. This reliable, highly secure, interoperable, and innovative public
safety communications platform will bring 21st century tools to public safety agencies and first responders,
allowing them to get more information quickly and helping them to make faster and better decisions.


FirstNet is the purpose-built platform for
public safety’s communication needs.

Join a new era of public safety communications as first responders and key personnel
interact like never before with FirstNet® – America’s dedicated public safety
communications platform. FirstNet is leading innovation and dedication by using advanced
technologies to improve the safety and wellbeing of those that live, work, and visit your city.

FirstNet is designed to improve communications across
public safety entities nationwide. It gives first responders
the reliable, unthrottled connectivity they need to share
critical information, communicate and coordinate during
day-to-day situations, large events and emergencies.

Depending on the situation, first responders may rely on
a broad ecosystem of partners behind the scene to help
coordinate their complex response to keep the public safe.

Align your Emergency Activation Plan with FirstNet to
create a new standard for those charged with maintaining
the safety of the residents and the community. FirstNet
provides the tools first responders need to stay
connected during emergencies and daily activities. It
• Critical Interoperability
– Enhanced situational awareness and improved
information sharing across agencies and
– Interoperability with Land Mobile Radio (LMR)
Platforms for extended reach, modernization and
– Interoperability with Next-Generation 911
EmergencyCommunications Services
Dedicated deployables – Access to a dedicated fleet
of Satellite Cell on Light Trucks (SatCOLTs) for incident
response and disaster recovery efforts at no extra
Priority and, as applicable, preemption that can
provide access to critical communications resources in
emergencies, and higher levels of access during times
of congestion, as determined by first responders.

• Network resilience and security – FirstNet traffic is
routed through FirstNet’s dedicated network core with
end-to-end network encryption available.
• Dedicated FirstNet Application Ecosystem provides
access to innovative apps and solutions designed for
public safety.
• Network status view providing near real-time vital
information for managing critical incidents.
• Band 14 spectrum that provides increased coverage
in urban and rural areas, better penetration through
buildings and walls, and covers larger geographic
areas with less infrastructure.
• Infrastructure Buildout – major investments underway
for network coverage.
FirstNet Ready™ and FirstNet Capable Devices
including smartphones, tablets, wearables, cameras,
fleet and environmental sensors.Being a FirstNet subscriber means you can depend
on a nationwide, reliable, highly secure, wireless
communications platform. FirstNet gives you
interoperability across agencies and jurisdictions and
access to priority and preemption capabilities when
granted by first responders. FirstNet helps agencies
restore critical lifelines such as those in healthcare,
education, transportation, and utilities so that public
works professionals and relief efforts can get to
where they are needed most.

Carrier Updates and Spiff News

There is a massive amount of free/limited time promotions revolving around COVID-19. There are spiffs that are
constantly changing, etc. In addition, we have recently on-boarded a number of new vendors to help make sure our
partners have a full array of solutions to assist business prospects. PLEASE reach out to GTS to set up a time to
discuss or go through this information in greater detail. Here is an abbreviated list, focusing on some of the spiffs
that may create excitement as well as some vendors that you have access to that you may not know about.

123.NET Full suite of carrier/network solutions (#1 fastest-growing dedicated fiber network in Michigan) as well as UCaaS, SD-WAN, and Colocation offerings.

  • SPIFF Fixed Wireless 3x Spiff in Q2 for all terms 3years or longer
  • On-Net Fiber Circuts 2x Spiff on 3-year term (1x spiff for Type 2 circuits)
AppGate Identity-Centric, Network Enforced Perimeter Security.

  • PROMO: Offer a Software Designed Perimeter (SDP) a free 90-day trial to help businesses to
    rapidly deploy remote & work from home initiatives
Grid 4 Full suite of network services. Offering nationwide fiber services, as well as fixed wireless in metro
Detroit area.

  • SPIFF: 1x Spiff on all Fiber sales in Q2
Call Harbor UCaaS Provider. Nationwide capabilities, with key advantages/differentiators in Michigan and
surrounding areas (i.e. Free Installation, Free Training onsite for new clients). High customer satisfaction

  • >SPIFF: 3x Spiff Q2 for Hosted Sales of 10+ Seats
  • >SPIFF: 1x Spiff Q2 for Hosted Sales of 1-10 Seats
Call Tower UCaaS, Cloud PBX Solutions, and more. Unique “stacks” of solutions that wrap and augment clients that
focus on Microsoft and Cisco solutions.

  • >PROMO: 90 Days free Microsoft Teams direct routing (excellent bolt-on product to enhance voice
    quality and capabilities)
CBTS Unique Cloud Solutions Provider. UCaaS, Cloud Services, Managed Services, and more. Ability to deliver
on-site technical assessments and deployment/tech services nationwide.

  • >SPIFF: Earn 2x MRC on WebEx Meetings
  • >SPIFF: Earn 2x MRC on UCaaS
CORVID Cybersecurity Cybersecurity platform offering that focuses in 3 key areas: Cyber Security Protection, Detection, and
Response. The service can co-exist with your current technology.
LogMeIn Full suite of conferencing and collaboration solutions

  • >PROMO: GoToConnect Continuity — 90 Days Free for K-12 Education
  • >PROMO: Emergency Remote Work Kit — Free Services for 3 Months
The Mako Group Cyber Risk, Compliance, Audit, and Penetration Testing. Local presence (Midwest) including Detroit
presence, offices located domestically, and client reach globally
Masergy Full suite solution provider, including SD-WAN, UCaaS, and Cyber Security offerings.

  • >PROMO: Masergy NaaS VPN Promotion – Turnkey Solution for Rapid VPN Deployment for
    Remote Workers. 100 Concurrent SSL VPN users, 1 IPSec Aggregation tunnel — $500/month,
    3-Month term commitment
  • >SPIFF: SD-WAN Quick Cash Bonus — $10K – $24,999K MRC Sale —
    $5000 DOUBLED for a $10,000 spiff payment
  • >SPIFF: SD-WAN Quick Cash Bonus —$25K+ MRC Sale —
    $10,000 DOUBLED for a $20,000 spiff payment
Mitel UCaaS and Collaboration Suite

  • >SPIFF: Earn up to 4x MRR spiff, pending deal size for MiCloud Connect
Nextiva UCaaS and Collaboration Suite

  • >SPIFF: Earn up to a 5x SPIFF, pending deal size and qualifiers
Ring Central UCaaS and Collaboration Suite

  • >SPIFF: Earn 4x MRR on all deals with minimum 2-year contract
  • >SPIFF: Earn 6x MRR on all annual prepaid deals with a minimum 3-year contract
  • >PROMO: COVID-19 Free Offer for Healthcare
Telesystem Full solution stack and provider of network services, SD-WAN, UCaaS, Security, BYOB SIP trunking

  • >PROMO: Rapid Deployment of SIP trunks, unified communications and video conferencing;
    24-48 hour turn-up
APX.NET Nationwide fiber provider for DIA and MPLS services. Unique diverse/last mile options to help hit hard to
reach areas.

  • >SPIFF: New Agent Bonus! Close your first APX deal, and receive a one time extra bonus of $500
Vonage UCaaS and Collaboration Suite.

  • >Q2 SPIFF: 5x Spiff on any UCaaS Deal — 3-year term (1 to 49 seats)
  • >Q2 SPIFF: 6x Spiff on any UCaaS Deal — 3-year term (50+ seats)
  • >May Promo: $100 Gift Card for any DEMO for customers with 100+ seats or more
    (UCaaS or Contact Center)


Product Showcase — Managed Mobility
Before moving into Managed Mobility, GTS also wants to drop one more buzzphrase on you: TELEHEALTH/
TELEMEDICINE. You may have even experienced it in the past 30 days to engage your doctor or medical consultant. The
cat is out of the bag. Do yourself a favor and reach out to every contact you have in the medical vertical and ask them
if they need help with telehealth and/or if their current solution is fitting the bill. MetTel has optimal solutions in this
For this month’s showcase, we want to feature managed mobility. It is such an integral component to so many industry
verticals at this point: Manufacturing, Logistics, Fleet Management, Robotics, Security, Retail… the list goes on and on.
Please take a few minutes to check out this feature on MMS from MetTel on the following pages. Contact GTS to set up a
private overview and learn more about this powerful product offering that you can sell to your clients…


Gartner Magic Quadrant for
Managed Mobility Services, Global

Featuring MetTel—Only US-based Carrier Listed
Published: April 2020 ID: G00389577 Analyst(s): Katja Ruud, Leif-Olof Wallin, Bill Menezes



MetTel appears in Gartner’s 2020 Magic
Quadrant for Managed Mobility Services
(MMS), Global as a leading MMS provider
in North America. The report states:“MetTel is a total communications service
provider based in New York, NY and delivers a
complete set of MMS services, with a primary
focus on North America. MetTel manages a
significant volume of predominantly COTS
(Commercial-off-the-shelf) devices across
virtually any vertical.”
MetTel represents the only US-based carrier
to qualify for the report.

MMS provide vendor-comprised IT and business process
services required to plan, provide, procure, activate,
manage, secure and support mobile devices, mobile
network services, related mobile management systems and
mobile applications.

Gartner’s coverage of MMSs focus on a provider’s
assumption of day-to-day IT management administration
and support routines for mobile devices. MMSs also include
business process services (such as expense management,
asset management and logistics, including forward and
return logistics and recycling, ordering and provisioning) as
well as help desk services. Enterprises seek proficient skills
and expertise related to MMS to ensure that their mobile
devices are operationally effective and managed at a
competitive price.

Despite progress made by many providers (such as
single source provider MetTel), enterprise clients remain
concerned that the delivery of MMS services by providers
often fails to meet enterprise requirements and outcomes
because of inconsistent capabilities both regionally and
globally. Consequently, enterprises’ requirements may
necessitate the sourcing and vendor management of
multiple providers.For 2020, Gartner maintains five categories for core
MMS deliverables:

Sourcing and Logistics Management – purchasing,
provisioning and activating network services,
applications and devices in addition to expense
management or UEM.

Managed UEM – covers mobile device management,
mobile application management, mobile identity, mobile
content management and containment (separating
corporate from personal data).

Security Management – to secure access and
consumption of corporate resources and content
through authentication, encryption, containerization and
cloud-based enterprise file synchronization and sharing.
Financial Management – expense management including sourcing, ordering and provisioning management,
inventory, invoice, and contract management, usage and
dispute management and reporting.
Program Management (including professional services) –
the capability to manage all other capabilities cohesively
and effectively, including governance across third party
providers such as UEM, device OEMs and logistics,
account management, support and SLAs.
All providers in this Magic Quadrant offer all of these
service segments in full.


About MetTel’s Managed Mobility Services
MetTel’s mobile expertise provides forward-thinking control over all of your
company’s devices. We provide all staging, kitting and procurement plus total
mobile device management and better, wider coverage—all at a lower cost. Plus,
with MetTel’s communication management platform, you get real-time reporting
with variance forecasts and alerts, controlling costs before overages are incurred.
MetTel provides centralized billing and invoicing for all your devices across
locations and carrier networks.

MetTel’s Deploy Process
MetTel’s robotic process automation (RPA) includes sourcing and
logistics, managed UEM, security, financial and program management
to provision devices over the air in under two minutes.

Step 1: Order: Customer places order in the MetTel Portal or it auto orders according to business rules.
Step 2: Provision: MetTel runs the 2-minute drill.
Step 3: Delivered: Shiny new device is delivered to a happy employee.

MetTel’s Protect Program
Fully-managed protection and replacement program
Step 4: Oops! Employee breaks the device
Step 5: Delivered: MetTel sends out an overnighted replacement device fully configured.
Step 6: Ready: Employee is up and running with a secured device next day