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GTS is your logical first step for any telecom issue. We service more than 3000 clients and have saved customers more than $12 Million. We’ve seen significant growth each year, and we owe a lot of that growth to our customer service. As a one-stop master agency, we provide competitive costs and choices through our network of over 70 premier telecommunications carriers nationwide. We take action whenever you need us, both before and after a provider has been selected. Whether you need account changes or trouble shooting, our friendly staff moves quickly to help you save time, improve efficiency, and focus on your business.




Are you happy with your voice services? Do your calls have great sound quality with no breakups or interruptions?  Can you easily transfer calls, manage conference lines and focus on doing business?  Of course, you already know that the poor voice services can be frustrating, make you look unprofessional and impact your business.

That’s why GTS is dedicated to finding the right voice services for every client. With over 70 service providers, we find the right solution at the right cost. What’s more, our professional consultants personally ensure that your solution works. If you’re ready for a change, contact us now to get the process started!

“GTS provides me the industry expertise to choose the right products and services from a multitude of carriers at each location.”

Jeff Fouchia

The Macomb Group




In today’s world, businesses MUST have reliable internet services just to function. Once just a minor inconvenience, delays and service outages can now lead to a serious loss of business. But finding a reliable service provider can be challenging. Some providers have an agenda, and getting honest answers is often nearly impossible.

GTS is different. Our on-site solution engineers will help you find the right vendor at the best price while minimizing things like delays and service outages. We partner with over 80 service providers and offer all types of transport, anywhere. Get in touch with us today to learn about options that will work for you.



for all of your questions and concerns regarding data centers and colo needs.





What is UCaaS? Unified communication.  Desk phone, cell phone, SMS text, voice mail, and conferencing all working together.  Simplify online meetings and staff collaboration — a must-have in today’s virtual workspace. UCaaS services will help you run these communications smoothly and without interruptions. Whether you’re connecting with remote workers or clients a few miles away or even overseas, you need to make sure that what you’re discussing isn’t getting lost in translation.

Schedule time with us, and let GTS help you understand the UCaaS options available. We know how to help improve your business and cut costs. Whether your business has five or five thousand employees, we have the right UCaaS solution for you, with over 30 providers to choose from.

Cloud Services


Cloud Services

Cloud services are rapidly becoming the norm. But while this service is incredibly useful, it also comes with issues like security, loss of data, and lack of continuity between files.  

If you’re thinking about using the cloud, schedule a free, professional consultation with us to learn how and why it makes sense to migrate to the cloud. Then, let us help you create both a short- and long-term plan with one or more of our more than 30 vendors, and keep all your information safely stored on the cloud.





Do you feel trapped by your wireless provider? Maybe your cellular provider was the only one in your area, or the only one your provider was willing to sell you. Maybe you’re paying too much, or the quality just isn’t there.

With GTS, you have the power to choose. We’ve made it a point to partner with all major service providers for cellular, mobility, and IoT services. And we go beyond monthly plans, offering Mobile Device Management options to help optimize mobility costs. Our solution engineers can also help you navigate carrier options and learn how IoT can improve your business. Call us today to find the best solution for you.

The need for businesses to procure wireless phones, mobile broadband, and the business applications built for wireless/tablet devices continues to surge.

Call GTS today to discuss how we can best be of assistance.



Network Design

Every business should have an optimal network design. While your IT staff is doing a good job of keeping things up and running, what if there was a way to make their — and your — job easier? GTS can help you create a mindful and efficient network design, from your routers to your IP.

Schedule time to talk with us and use our carrier neutral expertise as an extension of your staff. We offer critical information about both local and wide area networks. Best of all, we offer our award-winning project management and customer service free-of-charge to all GTS customers.

“Excellent account management and cost-effective solutions demonstrate that we have the best possible telecom partner.” 

Sammy Musleh


Is a layer 2 or layer 3 solution a better fit? What is the best way to achieve network redundancy? How can this business add internet speed without adding costs? Who is going to help support us if we need multiple carriers and multiple service offerings? All great questions, and all things GTS does all day, every day. It is our mission to become an integral business partner to our clients. Service providers and technology are constantly changing, but Global Telecom Solutions can be the constant that keeps your network working at optimal efficiency and at optimal costs.

At the heart of our product offerings is our ability to provide both objective and subjective analysis of the carrier options available to your business.