Why GTS?


Case Studies

Case Study #1

One-Stop Shopping for an Enterprise Customer


A local utility provider came to GTS several years ago looking for ways to reduce the cost of its cellular, conference, internet, and voice services. GTS was able to simplify its procurement process by performing the following steps on their behalf.

  • Helped identify diverse routes for connectivity.
  • Renegotiated and optimized existing agreements with two major service providers.
  • Reduced collaboration expenses by consolidating audio, web, conferencing, and SMS services.
  • Added 2 unique local ISP providers to the supplier portfolio for additional cost savings and redundancy.
  • Renegotiated an existing contract with their telecom expense management company (TEM).
  • Streamlined the quoting/ordering process and helped improve communications with carriers and vendors.

Case Study #2

Network Design — Customized to Fit


GTS created a custom solution for a client in a specialized vertical — a security company utilizing a central station. Since the company's customers rely on telecommunications for security service, GTS created a high-availability solution by doing the following:

  • Created diverse paths for connecting to each customer's building using two providers with different infrastructures.
  • If the phone lines do not work at the HQ Central Station, calls are automatically forwarded to a different destination.
  • If the security company has questions or service issues, it can use GTS as an extension of its staff to research, diagnose and fix problems.

GTS became this company's "one-stop shop," and GTS still helps this longstanding client with all of its telecom needs today, more than 10 years later. In the end, GTS helped vastly improve network reliability while also reducing the company's telecom costs by more than 40 percent.

Case Study #3

Project Management — Enhance Client Staff with GTS Experts


Many large GTS clients have their own staff, but they utilize GTS experts for experience and competitive advantage.

For example, a large client with 42 office locations in the Midwest knew it was spending too much money, but the problem appeared too complicated and too daunting to process internally. GTS was asked to developed potential solutions.

GTS recommended a bi-weekly meeting with the company's IT staff to discuss current systems and expenditures, in order to demonstrate where GTS was able to eliminate costs from the current network spend before moving forward (i.e., disconnected phone lines, unnecessary taxes and tariffs, "rack rates," etc). Not only did the company save over $10,000 in billing expenditures in the first six months, but it also was able to use GTS at a fraction of what it would have cost to hire a full-time professional to manage the account and do a cost-based engagement. Once the savings plan was executed, GTS helped develop a Wide Area Network (WAN) so all locations could communicate on a private network, increasing and optimizing network speeds and performance while also adding internet redundancy at all key sites. The customer utilized GTS in 2019 for a new project to research, purchase, and deploy a VOIP/UCaaS solution to all locations.


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