Telco Aggregators

  • Multi-location organization
  • Multiple Carriers
  • Multiple Invoices (access, network, equipment, mobility, software, etc.
  • Complex Billing
  • Insight into usage/performance
  • Improves efficiency/one-portal for all telecom spend

Use Case: A GTS customer with 89 U.S.-based locations across many different states was looking to simplify the management of a complex telecommunications network. They needed better analysis of their network to better understand the difficulties and solutions. They preferred one monthly invoice for all telecommunication services and ideally, cost savings on telecommunication services.

GTS was able to offer an aggregator that could provide one invoice for all services. The aggregator provided easy-to-use management tools and became their single point of contact. This solution allowed the organization to save 20% monthly on their telecommunication costs.

Telco Aggregators Providers